dendrons carbosilans 


Segons la informació obtinguda de la Wikipedia, els dendrons són estructures arbòries que formen part de dendrímers:

Dendrimers are repeatedly branched, roughly spherical large molecules. The name comes from the Greek word "δένδρον" (pronounced dendron), which translates to "tree". Synonymous terms for dendrimer include arborols and cascade molecules. However, dendrimer is currently the internationally accepted term. A dendrimer is typically symmetric around the core, and often adopts a spherical three-dimensional morphology. The word dendron is also encountered frequently. A dendron usually contains a single chemically addressable group called the focal point. The difference between dendrons and dendrimers is illustrated in figure one, but the terms are typically encountered interchangeably.


El terme carbosilans, que en anglès és carbosilanes i en castellà carbosilanos, és un mot compost de carboni i silici, com es desprèn de la informació següent:

The present paper describes the formation of silicon-carbon compounds (carbosilanes), the molecular skeletons of which consist of alternate Si and C atoms, and which can be obtained by thermal decomposition of Si(CH3)4, CH3SiCl3, (CH3)2SiCl2, and (CH3)3SiCl. The description of the formation of carbosilanes is followed by a discussion of the reactions of polychlorinated carbosilanes with organometallic compounds.


En aquest treball es descriu per primera vegada l’ús de dendrons carbosil·lans carbosilans com a agents estabilitzadors en l’obtenció de AuNPs.

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